Mechanical Insulation

Building Specialties installs insulation for HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) systems and mechanical piping and equipment (hot and cold) in the commercial sector. Our work covers, but is not limited to, schools, hospitals, office buildings, retail/wholesale buildings, high-rises and light manufacturing facilities. Our years of experience and established reputation in this industry ensures well-installed insulation with high quality materials and jobs completed on time. Your investment in this type of insulation will more than pay for itself over the life of the insulation. Insulation conserves energy, thereby reducing costs. It increases the operational efficiency of equipment and controls condensation. Insulation protects personnel from contact with exccessive heat or cold from equipment, pipe and duct.

Data Center1 - Before Data Center - After Insulation
             Data Center - Before Insulation                                     Data Center - After Insulation

Data Center2 - Before Data Center - After Insulation
              Data Center - Before Insulation                                 Data Center - After Insulation

We use materials from Armacell, Guardian Building Products, Johns Manville, Knauff, Owens Corning, RPR Products, Venture Tape, amongst others.